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Saturday, March 15, 2008

What to do now?

The boys are awake more often during the day.... not that I don't try to get them to nap but most of the time they cat nap for about an hour between feedings. So what do we do the rest of the time. They like the bouncer that vibrates for about 10-15 minutes and same the swing. I really have not used the play mat or done alot of tummy time. Should I try that out? What should we do to help them be entertained and happy? The weather is now hotter so we can do walk in the stroller but we do have those baby bajourns (sp), should we try those out? I just want them to see the world. I am SO ready for them to be able to hold their heads up and find thier hands and start to engage. Right now we have seen smiles and some cooing. Pretty cool and and I will get pictures of that soon!


Jenny B said...

That is so fun! It was a little hard to find things that seemed entertaining to me when she was so little. Everything seemed rather boring, but when you look at it from their perspective, everything is exciting. :) Tummy time is fun, we used to take walks in the morning as one her awake activities, but it almost always led to an asleep activity. Read to them and show them the pictures, they will appreciate it even if you don't see it. The playmats will be good b/c they can start to swipe at the toys dangling close by. It is so fun to see them start to interact with their world!

Anonymous said...

YES, the babies need tummy time. This is the precursor to head control, rolling, and crawling. And now that babies are sleeping on their backs, they do not get that tummy time which is so important. Doctors and parents are seeing children crawl less and learn to walk later because tummy time is something that is not being done as much. Walks and fresh air are super! They might sleep better after walks even. And just like jenny b said READ to them!

kdurec said...

Kendra loves her playmat, I'm sure that the boys will too! It is a fun something for them to do for 10-15 minutes. Also, I just sit and flirt a lot with Kendra. We do her tummy time but she doesn't like it so it never lasts for very long, and once I get her calmed down I have her practice standing. She loves it and can totally push herself up on her own now! The boys would probably like that too. And singing is fun, I like to do songs like "Father Abraham" or "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" where you can move their little arms and legs and what not. It is difficult finding stuff to do sometimes, and it gets boring, but the more they start to respond to what we do the more fun it gets, and it's only going to get more fun! :)

Ashhog said...

I agree with everyone else. Playmats are pretty much all we did at around 2 months. I would make lots of faces, sing, etc. Walks are great. We do strollers and the baby bjorns and they like both. Tummy Time is a must. And recently we introduced the bumbo! Sometimes I walk one around facing out to look at things around the house while one is in the swing. Have fun!

Dana said...

Well, I have nothing to add. They have said it all.

Nothing except I want some pics!!!

You are doing great mommy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Court. First off I just want to let you know I tried Baby Wise too and it just stressed me out too much to continue. I think it sound like your doing awesome! One baby is hard enough I can't imagine two!
Anyway....playmats are great for keeping baby awake. I have a leap frog one and it has a mirror that plays music. So I put Brityn down for tummy time with her facing the mirror and the music playing. when she gets sick of that I flip her over and play with her....rattle the toys attached to the mat or use stuffed animals to talk to her and use funny voices. Like Katy said singing is great too. Changing scenery is a good way to keep them alert...change rooms or even the direction the bouncy seat swing goes. AS they get older they will just naturally stay awake more.
PS...I rarely let Brityn cry it out. I have read that babies who are attended to quickly when crying cry a lot less when they are older. They feel more secure like their needs will be met or something. You just do what you feel is best. Every baby is different and what works for one won't work for another.

Love ya:)