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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bath Time

As you can see I am picture happy these days. Here is some pictures of their bath together!!!

Oh John now has 5 teeth and Brandon has three


Harris Boys said...

omg courtney, they are adorable in their little seats. we never used those...looks like they work well :)

happy saturday!!

kdurec said...

The boys are looking so cute! I Love their seats for the bathtub, I might have to get Kendra one of those because she tries to climb out of the sink but then cries in the big tub. I think it feels to big for her still.

Crazy pictures of IKE! We got the wind up here, I have several neighbors STILL without power. It's nuts. But at least we didn't have the flooding, how crazy!

Cassi said...

Bath Seats. You are SMART girl, smart smart smart... I say this as I am smacking myself in the head for not getting them for mine :)

Laura said...

How could you NOT be picture happy with these cute ones.