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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I love my boys with my whole heart... so why am I comparing them with other little ones around their age? Do all moms do this? Most of my mommy friends little ones are crawling or saying mama or dada. NOT MINE. I don't know why I care but I do. I know every child is different and mine were born 7 weeks early but I am so jealous of those little ones that can crawl or talk or get into a sitting position from laying down or hold their own bottle or actually liking "real" food. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Ok, had to get it off my chest.


Bobbi said...

Court, I think it's normal to feel that way. But like you said every baby is different. Your boys are by no means behind. Plus their adjusted age makes them 7 weeks younger than they actually are. Nothing is wrong with you :D

The Myers Family said...

Hey Courtney,

Don't feel bad. We are all guilty of some type of "comparing kidos". BUT, in all reality, i'm betting your comparing the boys to friends that have singletons. AND, most singletons DO indeed, do things much eariler than twins.

Don't stress yourself out. In time the boys will be caught up and right on target with the rest of the kidos their age.

Goodness, i havent' really checked many blogs lately...your boys are getting bigger and cuter by the day.

Hope the boys are doing well!

Ashhog said...

I agree with everyone else. 1. Your boys were born early 2. They are twins and twins do things behind schedule sometimes. 3. Mine are just now doing some of those things you mentioned and they are a month and a 1/2 older than yours. John and Brandon are doing GREAT!!!! And mine are just now starting to really enjoy eating real food-they were doing all the same things John and Brandon are doing a month and 1/2 ago. You're doing wonderful with them and they are doing wonderful developmentally! Miss talking with ya!

KELLY said...

Nothing is wrong with's normal. Try not to rush them through's hard - cause some seasons seem like they last forever....but, one day you are going to be talking to the boys about where they want to go to college...and you will wish for the day when they were happy to lay in your arms and fall asleep.

(Wow, that sounded like I knew what I was talking about...ha! ha!)

kdurec said...

Hey girl, I think we all do that. My friend's baby is 3 weeks younger than Kendra and he has been crawling forever and already stands on his own. Kendra just started "inch-worming".

Don't feel bad, just remember that all babies are different! Some babies crawl at 5 months, some not until 10 months, and it's TOTALLY NORMAL! Your boys will get there, just like Kendra will eventually "crawl" and not "inch worm". :)

And they have done SO WELL for being born so early!

The Sanders House said...

if it makes you feel better, jack still does not eat baby food of any kind! he might crawl...but forget the food! every baby is different! you are doing great courtney! keegan was a month early and that does make a difference. i thought the day would never come when he would crawl and he did. my mom told me once that keegan will not be 20 and rolling around on the floor to get from point a to point b. :)

Harris Boys said...

hey courtney...this is totally normal. trust me, we all do this. My boys are barley talking...they said about 10-15 words and its rare when they do. Its SO hard not to compare, but we're human and I think its very common.

Try not to stress too much!


Nancy Mon said...

Courtney, I have no words of advice for you but I have liked what everyone wrote. In my opinion, they are saving up all that energy to do everything in a short span of time...then just like you, they will be all, We are so bored with this, where is the chocolate?

Love and miss you friend!

Double the blessing said...

Girl don't comapre they are all different. Twins usually do things behind singleton's especially those born early. Before you know it they will be walking and talking.