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Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching up

Brandon had his first bought with throw up on Wednesday. We we on our way to restock our fridge and freezer when he threw up everywhere! John has stood up in his crib and fallen over as well.
The boys had their first bath together Thursday in their bath seats.
They started 3rd foods today... they had spaghetti with meat sauce
John is all over the place and we are having to baby proof the house and Brandon is soooo wanting to crawl.

Pictures of us "hunkering" down for IKE and some pictures after IKE came through

This is a picture of my in-laws trees that fell on their neighbors fence.Fallen tree in my parents neighborhood

All that really happened at my parents house

Brian helping out cleaning up

Before the Storm

No wind gust
Wind gust


Cassi said...

Wowie - those are some crazy pics of Ike. Glad you're all ok! Great pics of the boys too! Looks like they are growing fast!