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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great week up at the lake. For the most part the weather was great and we spent a lot of time outside. Come the weekend it got a little bad with love bugs.... they swarmed and we had to stay inside most of the day or you got attacked. We did make it on the boat with the boys... they slept most the ride!
John now has 4 teeth and Brandon still has 2. John is starting to clap and Brandon is starting to move alittle more like he might try and get up on all fours. John has not crawled yet but I pray that it is soon and Brandon takes off after him.

Some pics through the Labor Day Weekend:

John trying out bananas Brandon also trying out bananas
They totally hated them. Even when I put it in their mouth they would spit it out. I just don't understand!
Daddy and John with his hair spiked

The boys got their hair styled by Uncle Brandon
John with spikes
Brandon.... hmmm
Brandon goofing off.

Brandon hanging out by the window
John loved the windows
They spent many times looking out the window

John trying out the Gerber toast
Brandon also trying it out
Neither of them liked that either plus it crumbles to easy! They just don't like real food. John trying out frozen peaches
Brandon also trying it out
John had nothing to do with it. Brandon thought it was ok but didn't really take to it.
Uncle Brandon and Brandon and "soon to be" Aunt Nini and John

Daddy and Brandon
The Family
Aunt and Uncle with the boys


Adam and Andrew said...

Looks like fun! LOVE their spikey hair!!

Harris Boys said...

cute pics of the boys! love the spiked

don't give up on the food..just keep trying it, I PROMISE they will just get it one day. I promise. Just don't give up...keep trying even if they hate day it will just click!! My boys don't eat baby food and formula

Ashhog said...

I love the one of Brandon goofing off in his classes and both of them with their spiky hair! Glad you had fun! We missed you in blog world! Have you tried the Baby Mum's Mum's? They're like those Gerber things the boys are eating but they don't crumble as easily. My boys LOVE them!

KELLY said...

Put the Gerber toast in the freezer...or use frozen bagels. Great for teething - and that way they don't crumble as quickly!