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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just an update

We made it through IKE. We are at my parents house who have a generator and of course we had to hook up the computer! So I just wanted to tell you all know we are ok. We lost power around midnight Friday and still have none but we have fans and TV!!! The boys were a little hot so they get to play just in their diapers and are loving it. I have pictures that I will upload later of us hunkering down and some of the weather. Brian went by our house and says the neighborhoods on the way have lots of trees down and power lines are down everywhere. All in all it was not too bad for us. Galveston, Houston and the surrounding areas are messy but TEXANS always survive.
Thank you for all prayers and thoughts.
More to come!


Harris Boys said... scary! I'm glad to hear you are all ok. Go away IKE!!!