The Synnott Twins

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here they are!!!

This is Brandon's face.

Brandon waving HELLO

Brandon being shy.. HOW CUTE!!!!

Finding out that we have a little boy named Brandon Cooper

John's Face, how adorable.....

John saying hello to the world

Finding out we have another boy named John Garrison


The Guinn Triplets said...

Such cuties...congrats!

I saw your comment on Lindsay's blog and thought I'd come read some about you. We, too, did an FET, (that we kept a secret) and got pregnant with multiples (triplets)! I also see that you are from Houston...we live in The Woodlands!

Multiples are SO much fun - I wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy!

jess said...

they are very very handsome!