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Monday, September 10, 2007

New York, Here We Come

Sorry I have not scanned the pictures of the boys ultrasound yet but it was a crazy weekend. I promise to have the pictures up tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

Starting Thursday (for a week) Brian and I will be in New York for a wedding and a tiny vacation, the first and last I get to go on for the next 18 years. So there will be little activity on my blog for awhile. I promise to get you all a belly picture and some pictures from New York. It should be a great time and I can not wait to tell you all about it.
Right now I am praying to start feeling some fluttering from the boys... I guess they are laid back like daddy!

So untill then....


Dana said...

You will be missed! Take care of my little boys! (yes I said my, they will belong to many of us!)