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Thursday, September 27, 2007

OB Check-up

Yesterday was my OB check up. It was pretty uneventful which I know is good. My Bp is good, urine is fine, and cervix still looking good. The boys seem to be doing well. They are both on the right side of my stomach sort of on top of each other. While getting the heartbeats, one kept moving so it took awhile. The boys heartbeats are 158 and 160. The one thing that I was in shock about was my weight. So lets recap: I gained 3 pounds between a visit and 4 pounds between another visit. It has been 5 weeks since I saw my OB and my weight gain was 9 POUNDS.... HOLLY GEEZ! She called it a growth spurt. I think its all the sweets I eat! Anyways, I have gain 16 pounds in all over 20 weeks (I will be 20 weeks tomorrow). So all in all not too bad!
I also read up on the neonatologist report and it looked good. Both placentas are posteior, which is good and it said that everything looked normal and we had no reason for concern. I go back for another ultrasound next friday.
The one thing that caught me off guard was at the end of the visit she said "see you in two weeks." Hhhhmmmm..... am I already starting two week visits? Not too worried about it just did not except to hear that so soon. Maybe she just wants to see me after the ultrasound.
So all in all... a very good visit!


Dana said...

20 lbs? Where?

Courtney said...

16 pounds... not 20!! what are you thinking?

Care said...

Hi Courtney,
I am de-lurking to say hi and congrats on the twin boys. I am pregnant with a son and my due date is Feb. 17th so it's neat to find someone who is going through the pregnancy at practically the same rate!

I too, have to see the OB every two weeks from now on. It does seem early but it's good to know that we're being looked after so well!

Anyway, take care and I'll keep checkin in :-)


Dana said...

Oops...I wasn't thinking! I meant 16, but STILL where?
I loved when the doctor told me come back in two weeks and even more when he said come back in one. I really looked forward to it...weird huh?