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Sunday, November 25, 2007

28 weeks

We made it to our first milestone... 28 weeks! Even though we are 12 weeks out from our due date Brian and I are relieved to be here. Now our goal is to make it two more weeks. We are only looking two weeks in the future at a time. In other news, I gained 3 pounds so I am up to 30 pounds in 28 weeks.... not too bad! We saw Dr. T on Wednesday and much of the same, cervix is still short but not dialating so I am still on bed rest at home. We had a bit of a scare Saturday night, I started having 7-8 contractions an hour and had to go to L&D at the hospital. I of course had to get monitored and saw that I was indeed having contractions so they gave me a shot of trabutiline (sp) and kept me over night to make sure the contractions were not changing my cervix. Sunday morning my cervix still had not changed so they sent me home. The boys are having no problems with the contractions which is great!!!! I see Dr. A (perineonatologist) Wednesday so we will see if the contractions are changing my cervix from the inside out (which is what I am more afraid of). The funny part of this whole thing is the nurse gave me two ambien (sp) for sleeping and I SWEAR I got drunk off of them. I was seeing triple, things were flying around the room and the blinds on the window were changing colors. I even almost threw up. It was soooo weird and I never want to go through that again. Anyhow, I am home again just waiting to either go back to the hospital to stay or for delivery of the boys... Please keep Brian, the boys and myself in your prayers.


Jenny said...

Oh yeah they gave me ambien a couple of times at the hospital. It does make you feel drunk, but they only ever game me one. I can't imagine taking 2!! I'm glad you are home again though and that things seem to be staying the same. We're praying for you guys!

kdurec said...

Congrats on making it to 28 weeks! I knew you could do it! I am praying now for you to make it to 30 weeks. :) Oh, and you look great!

Dana said...

Look at the belly!

Ambien!?!? People sleep walk on that stuff girl!

So glad you are doing with you soon.

Adam & Andrew said...

YAY for 28 Weeks!! That's fabulous!! Hang in there, day by day you are growing those babies bigger and stronger!