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Friday, October 5, 2007

Doc Update

Today was my appointment with the peri-neonatologist. We got in and out pretty fast! All is well with Brandon and John. They are both breech and facing each other. They are about 9 inches long and looking good. Brandon is 17 ounces (1 pound 1 ounce) and John is 14 ounces. Basically Brandon is about 21 weeks 5 days and John is 21 weeks. John is right on track since I am 21 weeks today but Brandon is being stubborn and growing a little faster. The doc said not to worry since neither of them was behind in measurement, being atleast 21 weeks.
I go to the OB on wednesday just for a check up!
I will also post pics of the boys soon!!!

Please pray that the boys stay with in a good weight range of each other.

***Brian felt the babies move.***
I guess I have been feeling them off and on for a bit but did not know what it really was. Now that Brian can feel them I too know it is them and am very happy that we can finally feel them. It is not constant and comes and goes but I am glad that I know they are in there... Oh and I have no clue which one it is!!!


Dana said...

Oh praise God! I am so glad you are feeling them move...
I left you a message and didn't hear back from you and you know me...I was worried.

I love you girl!

and Brandon & John!!!

kdurec said...

Yay! So glad to hear that all is looking great! And I am glad that you are finally feeling some movement! I know that we were all praying that you would. :)