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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Brian and I decided to go ahead and only do one nursey. We are going with the sports room of course!! Here are some pictures!
Now this is just the begining.... I will post more pictures when things move along!

Now I have to admit I am alittle nervous about having the cribs set up. Hopefully everything for the rest of the pregnancy will go good and we will have to not worry about anything but right now I still have that thought in the back of my head about something going wrong. I just can not wait till my next doctor appointment!!! It is this coming Wednsday the 24th!


Nancy Mon said...

How exciting! Love the cribs. Everything is going to be just fine.

kdurec said...

I love love love the room! I love the cribs, changing table, and paint job! I think it's great that you are just going to have one nursery. And I know the fear, but only think positive thoughts! You are doing great so far! We can do this!!! :)

jaclyn said...

hey courtney!

the rooms look great! I am excited for you.