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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good and not so good....

Today was my appointment with my perinatologist. The boys look great and my prayers were answered. John has caught up to Brandon and they are now only two days apart and weighing 1 pound 10 ounces and 1 pound 14 ounces. The appointment went pretty fast and we did not get any good ultrasound pictures or see them too much but Brian did see one of them opening and closing its mouth... how cool is that!!!
The other news was about my cervix, it is indeed shortening and funneling. If you ask me what funneling means I could not tell you but my peri is concerned. She showed us that the cerix on the ultrasound should all be white (i guess that is hard tissue). Well I have a funnel, a little cone shape where it is black (no tissue there) which is not what we want. She told me to take it really easy, do not get up to much , lay in bed, rest on the weekends. She said if I don't it could mean bed rest and worse hospital bed rest. She says with the way I talk (hyper voice) that she does not think I take it easy during the day.... man does she not know I am the laziest person ever! Anyhow, she wants to see me in two weeks instead of 4 so that means I see a doctor every week now.
I see my OB, Dr. T next wednesday and we will see if she puts me on bed rest....

Well atleast the boys are doing GREAT, now they just need to bake for a bit longer!



jess said...

It's good that the boys are doing well!

Take it easy girl!

kdurec said...

I'm glad the boys looked good.

Take it easy! Put yourself on bedrest as much as you possibly can!!

Dana said...

As much as I want to see the boys, I want them to stay there a little longer.

I love you and I know you are lazy so you don't have to defend yourself here! :)

I am praying for your cervex to clamp down for a while!