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Monday, May 5, 2008

ECI Update

Early Childhood Intervention came to visit the boys today to do their evaluation.
The results are in....
The recap: the twins were born 7 weeks 1 day early and the first time ECI came out they said that the boys by their standards are a month premature.

cognitive- 3 month level
gross motor- 2.5 month level
social- 3 month level
fine motor- 2.5 month level
language- 3 month level
self help- 3 month level
expressive and receptive- can not evaluate yet

Brandon does not qualify for any therapy and they just told us to keep doing what we are doing!

cognitive- 4 month level
gross motor- 1.5 month level
social- 3-4 month level
fine motor- 2.5-3 month level
language- 3-4 month level
self help- 3.5 month level
expressive and receptive- can not evaluate yet

John qualifies for gross motor therapy... basically he can not hold his head up well and does not kick his legs and things like that. They said instead of therapy we could wait one month and do tummy time for an hour a day (accumulative) and if he gets better in a months time we should not need therapy but if not then to call them. They did say that they don't expect to hear from us. So lots of tummy time.... he hates it but we will do it! I will just have Brandon do it with him. They also said not to use bumbo's because it does not help in the right way. Their trunk and back muscles are not being used the right way.... very interesting.

Oh yeah, they slept till 4 am again... we even had to wake them up. This might of been because they did not get a really good afternoon nap but whatever :-)
And if you have any suggestions about helping with tummy time or how to get better neck muscles please let me know... except for sitting in a bumbo.


Ashhog said...

That is so interesting about the bumbo-I've never heard that before! You learn something new everyday! Glad the ECI went well. I have no advice about the tummy time but I hope he starts to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Suggestions for tummy time:
*play mat with sounds - squeakers, etc.
*put a squished down rolled up towel under his tummy/hips - to make him more comfortable - experiment to see if anything seems to help him.
*lay in front of him on your tummy so he can see you
*put John on a wedge so his head is higher than his hips - use a light toy to make him raise his head (which is off the top of the wedge) - move the light high enough so he'll raise his head and then move it from side to side. Let him rest, do it again.
*put your hand flat against his feet so he can push off your hand to build up muscles in his legs
*try different toys in front of him so he's not bored, use light up, sound, etc. toys
*look at a book with him while everyone is on their tummies
*use a vibrating back pillow to put him on - it might be too high for him and he might not like the vibration
Hope this helps.......

kdurec said...

It sounds like they are doing so well! During tummy time I lay down on the floor with Kendra and try to entertain her. Then when she starts crying I give her the paci. Both things hold her off from crying for a bit, but she will fuss eventually. :) I hope you don't have to worry about therapy at all!

Bobbi said...

Hey Court! They are both doing great. Congrats on the sleeping till 4:00 that is awesome.

Try putting a mirror in front of John during tummy time. Or even positioning Brandon in front of him to look at....facing eachother. Brityn loves to look at herself in the mirror. I got one with her playmat. It's a Leap Frog. And it stands up on it's own. Another thing I've been doing that is putting Brityn tummy down on the boppy (just a regular feeding boppy) It elevates her so she can look around...she lasts a lot longer during tummy time when I do that and a mirror together. Anyhoo...I hope I explained that clearly. If not I can take a picture to show you.