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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Things

Well I called the doctor and they said prune juice or prunes (1st foods).... atleast two ounces. We have tried the prune apple juice and John hates it.

So what did I do..... FIRST FOODS - PRUNES!!!




We got a new toy for the boys.... LOVE IT!




Ashhog said...

Yea for fun toys!! We haven't tried prunes yet-they don't look very good to me but maybe the boys will like them! How are they doing at night? Have you tried any other veggies or fruits? Hope everything else is going well!

Courtney said...

they are doing GREAT!! last night they slept till 6:30am!! WOW...

we have not tried any other 1st foods... the prunes are to try and make them have a BM... we are still just doing rice cereal... friday we will go to three times a day and the prunes will be at noon instead of just rice cereal! I think at 5 months we will try more 1st foods!

Adam & Andrew said...

Another thing that works well for that "problem" is a little Karo syrup in their bottle.

They are getting so grown up!

Bobbi said...

Good luck with the prunes :)

Anonymous said...

The exersaucer might also help them with BM - they are able to move more and hold some of their weight through their legs. I ditto what Lindsay said about Karo syrup - seems like you've tried that before. Another friend of mine has used brown sugar dissolved in water - course you may not want to be giving them sugar. I'd say water, prunes, exersaucer - lots of movement. Will be anxious to hear how things come out! (no prune intended - ha ha!)

Harris Boys said...

your boys are just precious...I love seeing new pics of them. I love the food is SO much fun...a huge mess, but a ton of fun.

The Myers Family said...

Hey Courtney!

I read your blog about once or twice a week! So, i guess i'm a lurker that has never left a comment! :) Anyway, hope the boys are doing better. I also hope to meet you at a meeting soon. I'm a slacker on that b/c we don't live as close to the meetings anymore now that they are so far NW!

Your boys are precious...and i hope the BM's get better! My goodness...i think every baby has BM issues. My girls couldn't STOP pooping...and still have about 4 or 5 dirty diapers each a day! My 3 year old hardly ever's so weird how babies are all so different! Those prunes should do the trick. Did the dr. say you could give them some real prune juice? I gave some to my 3 year old a few months ago just b/c she was BEGGING to drink some...MY hit her like a ton of bricks. So i'm sure that the prunes will get him working soon!

Glad things are finally starting to get girls STILL don't sleep till 630a! Latest has been 6ish...but that is a good night sleep for us so i'm not complaining!

Have a great day!