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Monday, May 12, 2008

Your Advice

I need yall's help!
I am having some issues with the boys... well really John but the advice would not hurt for Brandon either.

John is not having BM's. He may have one every four days and with that most of it is hard. We have tried apple prune juice and all it did was give them cramps. We are using karo now and it working for Brandon but not for John. I have been using anywhere from one to three teaspoons 3 times a day and it's not helping! It is working for Brandon but I don't want to use karo forever!

Any advise on what I should do?

Also as you know the boys hav started rice cereal.... It is going good as they are getting use to the spoon but we stopped it for John because of the BM's and he started to spit up a bit more. Brandon will inhale anything I give him but he is starting to get a rash on his face and some on his hiney. I will call the doc tomorrow about all that but I want yall's advise!


Ashhog said...

Sorry-I'm no help on this one! My only advice would be to call your doctor which you already said you were doing! Sorry I'm not more help but I hope everything gets better and you get the answers you need!

Bobbi said...

I don't have any advice either :( Hopefully the doctor can give you some answers. Poor little guy.

KELLY said...

Water! Water! Water! Water!

Anonymous said...

We used Lactulose, prescribed by our GI, with our son. It worked great until he was old enough for Miralax. Prune juice or anything else "natural" has never worked.

Jenny B said...

Ansley did that too when she started on cereal. We just stopped giving it to her and only fed her fruit of veggies for a few months. Carrots and sweet potatoes, and barley cereal worked great for her. Ask your doc if they can have those that young. I'm not sure. But it did take a while for it to resolve itself. The sugar thing, prunes, and applesauce didn't help when she was still on the cereal.