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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rice Cereal

So we got the go ahead to start rice cereal. At first Brian and I second guessed it because 1... they are preemie 2... they don't get 32 ounces a day of formula and 3... they still bobble their head and of course since these little guys are our first we want to follow the rules ;-)
They are getting better at holding their head up so we just went ahead and did it. The doc said it was fine!
They did not like it the first day. I do not even think they actually even at any but the second day was a little better and today (Sunday) was even better. I saw John open his mouth and I think they both ate a little. We have given it to them at 8am before their bottle. We will start doing it twice a week this week and do it at 8am and 4pm and then 3 days a week sometime next week at 8am, noon and 4pm.

John before his breakfastBrandon wait for food... our little piglet
the twins
camera ready John wondering if this is worth it

why daddy?

Thanks to my new friend and twin mom Ashley, the boys are now on an awesome schedule. Feeding every 4 hours at.... cereal and bottle at 8am, bottle at noon, bottle at 4pm, bath time at 7:30pm and a bottle at 8pm. We started this last Thursday and it is working great. They got up around 2:30am for a bottle and then 6:30am... we really did not like that but they were hungry. Last night however.... they got their bottle at 8pm and then slept till 4am then ate again at 8am! WOW.... they actually skipped a feeding without us weaning them. I know it was a fluke but we are going to try and do this for awhile and then wean them from their 4am bottle. We will slowly decrease the amount of milk in the 4am bottle and hopefully with the combination on cereal 3 times a day and decreasing the milk they will start sleeping through the night. So right now we are in the stages of adding cereal, trying to sleep through the night and trying to turn over. Please pray that they will sleep through the night and start trying to turn over very soon!!! Oh, and I am one of those new moms who does not know anything about being a mom and what to do so I was letting the boys just sleep when they were sleepy, if it was right after eating or 30 minutes prior to a bottle so be it and sleep where ever they wanted to, on the floor, in the boppy lounger, or being held... just what ever was easiest! Well that has changed. Brian and I have started keeping them up for an hour to two hours after a bottle and then putting them in a crib together (they seem to like being together) and letting them take a nap. It might be a hour to two hours... mostly an hour and then they get up and we play again till their next bottle. It has seemed to work some. It is not an easy transition but it will work!


Ashhog said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) I've been thinking about you this weekend!
I am SO glad that they are doing so well on their schedule and with the cereal. Hopefully they will be sleeping through the night soon so YOU can get more sleep! I can't believe they slept till 4am-that's awesome court!!
And by the way....your quote "I'm one of those moms who doesn't know anything about being a mom"-Girl that is ALL of us! There are some days, ok everyday, that I think-What the heck am I doing! :)
You're doing an awesome job and those boys are just as cute as can be!

KELLY said...

When we started Chase on cereal - we also added a little cereal to his last bottle at night - to help keep him full longer. Worked like a charm!

Just remember, if you do this - you will need to make the hole in the nipple of one of the the bottles a little bit larger so that the formula (with cereal) and get through the hole.