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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was tagged by Ashely.... thanks :-)

Tag Game-

I love the smell of - baby lotion on the twins

People would say that I- overreact

I don’t understand why- people don't think like me :-)

When I wake up in the morning - I automatically look at the clock

I lost my willpower to - not eat sweets EVERY day

Life is - full of suprises

My past made me - appriciate what I have today

I get annoyed when I - can't fix a problem

Parties are not a good time to - think about being somewhere else

Dogs are - loveable and playful

Cats are - smelly

Tomorrow is - a new day

I have low tolerance for - bad drivers

I’m totally terrified of - wasps, spiders and I don't really like water either

I wonder why I thought my life would be- easy

Never in my life have I - wanted sleep so badly

High school was - high school

When I’m nervous- i bite my nails

One time at a family gathering - .... to be answered when something funny happens

Take my advice - appriciate your family

I'm almost always - blog every day

I’m addicted to - tv, the computer and my camera

I want someone to - babysit the twins for my wedding anniversary

I tag Dana, Nancy, Katy and Bobbi


Ashhog said...

Awww..thanks for doing my tag game! :) I totally don't understand why people don't think like me either. Great answer! :)


Nancy Mon said...

I will do it even though you think cats are smelly. You have not met Buddy.

Dana said...

Hey, did you see I did this??? You commented on the fire hydrant and this one is before that...

Just wondering.