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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Schedule

Brandon just hanging out after playing on his playmat John after his tummy time
John doing great during tummy time
Brandon after playtime sleeping with his great granny's blanket
John after playtime sleeping with his great granny's blanket

The boys have really gotten use to their new schedule! They go to sleep for the night around 8:30 pm and wake up to eat at 4:30 or 5am. Then they sleep till 7:45am!!! They wake up and have cereal and a bottle. Then they play till around 9:15-9:30am. Then I put them down awake but really sleepy and the last two pictures say it all! They cry just alittle but fall asleep for about an hour and then wake up again and play till lunch at noon.... then we start over. Have a bottle at noon and then play for about an hour then go down for another nap. They wake up again around 2:30-3pm and have a cereal and a bottle at 4pm and then basically stay up till 7:30pm, they might take a small 30min. cat nap between that time but then at 7:30pm they get a bath and then get their last bottle of the day at 8pm!


Bobbi said...

That's great Court! Hopefully soon they start sleeping through the whole night.
What cuties!!

Jenny B said...

That is so good! It really does help, keeping them awake now that their are older and more interested in toys and things. :) The sleeping is great too! Isn't it nice to get a few hours of sleep? Talk to you soon