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Monday, October 27, 2008

10 months old

Our boys are 10 months old today!!! I can not believe that in 2 months they will be a year old. We are talking about birthdays which is blowing my mind that that conversation is even going on! John is our little spitfire. He is on the go and we are loving it. He is such a red head and has to have his way :-) Brandon is so sweet and has such a hearty genuine laugh. He has started crawling and is now going the opposite way of John. They do however play together now and take each other toys and pester each other, it is so adorable.

Little Lion

Cute Cow

Three Generations!


Harris Boys said...

happy 10 months boys. I love their halloween costumes...too CUTE!!!

kdurec said...

Rediculously cute pictures! I love their costumes! Happy 10 months!

Becky and Scott said...

Man, your kids are just cute. Seriously cute. And you look fabulous by the way!!! I love the costumes, love the pictures, love it all!! Levi's costume looks a little similar, he's going as a dragon. Happy 10 months to your boys!! :)

Double the blessing said...

I love that pumpkin patch. Before we went on vacation I was making a bottle at meal time but only making 4 oz and adding 2 oz milk then pouring into sippy cup. It all went south when we went on vaction. I would suggest not trying to change anything before going on vacation. So we are back to doing the milk/formula mix in sippy cups. Next week I will do 3 oz milk and 3 oz formula increasing the milk, decreasing formula by 1 oz each week. At night they still get a bottle with the milk/formula mix. I am sure the night bottle will be the hardest to get rid of. My goal is to have bottles and formula gone by our trip to TX at Christmas.

Bobbi said...

I tried to post a comment the other day about Brandon crawling but it wouldn't let me for some reason...anyhoo, good job Brandon!! :D

10 months aready! It's going so fast.

Love the pictures! You all look great. And the costume cute.

ps I'm wondering how the time change is going to effect Brityn too :0

kristina said...

your boys are adorable! love the little lion and the little cow =)

Allison said...

Those are the CUTEST costumes ever. Where did you get them?