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Monday, October 13, 2008

Second Time

Well I had to take the boys to the doctor today and found out the are in the middle of a cold. So this is their second time being sick in 9 months.... well really 8 months since the 1st month they were hanging out in a sterile environment. Anyhow sick twice is not too shabby! They are pretty fussy and can not breath well through their nose and have a little cough but other than that we are making it. I still blame Ashley and Cassi ;-)
Some much needed pictures of the boys! I can not believe I have to start thinking of their birthday party soon!!!

They love the window, they could spend all day there Hanging out at the lake being fed BBQ by daddy
First wagon ride
They escaped!!!!


Ashhog said...

You're playroom looks so much more fun than our living room/play area. My boys have started escaping constantly! How are they doing with eating finger foods? I've been meaning to ask you when we chatted next but we haven't been online at the same times. I miss that!! Love those big eyes-they are SO cute Courtney!! You are doing a fabulous job!! Hope they feel better soon!! :)

Harris Boys said...

hey courtney...sorry the boys are sick...but for only the 2nd time...that's pretty good. love that first pic! hope they start to feel better soon!!

Dana said...

Oh my word they make my heart MELT! I have too many pictures of them on my bulletin board in my office...but those last two have to be up there also!!!

Love you. So much.