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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am dedicating this post to Brandon... he got his first haircut yesterday (10-14). We are having family photos done next week so we decided Brandon really needed a haircut. He did so well. No crying as we gave him his paci and alot of puffs. he now has no sideburns and no hair in his eyes. The coolest things is the lady that cuts Brian's hair since he was about 5 years old got to cut Brandon's... so neat

Before: (look at those sideburns)

After: no more hair is his face


Ashhog said...

Love the haircut brandon-you're one handsome fellow! :)

My boys SO need their haircut...I'm trying to ignore it though b/c I'm just not ready! :)

Love the new background!

KELLY said...

Lucy did a great job on Brandon's haircut!

Bobbi said...

what a big boy Brandon!!

You got some great suggestions on your food questions :) I'm borrowing some of them.

Harris Boys said...

what a BIG boy...he looks so handsome!!