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Monday, October 13, 2008

Another round of questions...

Alright moms... here I am again with my head swimming trying to figure out how to raise my kiddos. Since my mom says I was born way back when and things were done so much different she is not that much help (love ya mom)!!! So first off I will tell you how some things are going.

1. We are going good with getting their formula down to room temperature.
2. Finger foods are going well. Brandon will eat just about anything except cooked egg yolk and sometimes yogurt. John is still a little leery on finger food but loves cheerios, puffs and goldfish.
3. We will soon be starting them sitting in their highchairs and give them a bottle to help with their arm and neck muscles so they can start sitting up with a bottle.
4. Sippy cups are doing great but they still just mostly play with them. They do know how to suck from a straw and a spout!

OK, now for the questions.
1. I have gotten a lot of help on this one but want everyones help... we are going to Colorado the day after the boys turn 1. What should I pack, what will help them with their first flight?
2. I am a person of convenience... that means Brian and I eat pre-made meal ALOT (I know, I am so bad). Anyhow, that means we do not have alot of fresh food around the house and I really don't know what to feed the boys. I am reading the Super Baby Food Book but it tells me I have to cook alot. So give me some suggestions on what to feed them now that they are eating finger food.
3. What in the world does a 1 year old eat? I am loosing my mind on what I am going to feed them once baby food is gone. HELP ME PLEASE!! And when do you stop 3rd foods, there is not a good selection of them anyways.

I have got down how to change, dress and play with the boys but keeping them from starving is boggling my mind. I just have no clue how to feed them without formula and baby food. HOW SAD!


Harris Boys said...

I so wish I could just pick up the phone and talk to you...this would make things a lot easier...if you want too..just shoot me an email. I have free long distance?

1. I have NO idea..boys have yet to fly. if you can I would invest in a portable dvd player..I've heard this can really help on a did for our 7+ hr drive to destin.

2. things I started to feed the boys when they were still on baby food: applesauce, yogurt, waffles, pancakes, cherrios, any kind of fruit. they really liked strawberries and still do. I'm going to link you over to my friends blog...she posted a huge list of toddler foods. her blog is
3. once the boys turned one...they came off formula and drank milk 3 times a day...usually first thing in the morning...then around lunch time and then at dinner. whole milk is not the same as formula...the boys will need to eat more tablefood. start introducing new foods now...even if they don't take to them..just keep trying.
my boys never liked the stage 3 baby food...we totally skipped right over and went straight to table food. it wasn't an easy-smooth transition...just keep at it and don't get frustrated!

Good luck! Katie

Harris Boys said...

sorry if there are any typos..I didn't re read my comment :)

Mountain Girl said...

I'd say most 1 year olds can eat mashed up adult food - oops, but if you don't cook......hmmmmm! Some suggestions: cottage cheese, yogurt, smashed up strawberries, blueberries, smashed up mac'n'cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans (smashed up), peas, pinto beans, toddler wiennies/vienna sausages - anything that they can sog up and be able to swallow - graham crackers, saltines, etc. You can give them Gerber Graduates if they can chew level 3's.........but, they are expensive.

I'd avoid sandwiches - although alot of moms seem to give their toddlers sandwiches - the reason to avoid is because bread is hard to clear from the mouth and throat; so is peanut better, (don't give them honey), celery, raw carrots, apples, popcorn, (hot dogs, grapes should be cut very, very tiny if you give them to the boys - personally, I'd avoid them for awhile) - hard, stringy foods should be avoided.

Good luck!

Bobbi said...

Hey Court!
At Brityns last appointment the doc told me I could pretty much feed her whatever we were eating. Example...if you have lasagna you could throw some in the food processor or blender and chop it up. Obviously they don't need it to be pureed at this point so just a quick swirl around the processor would do it. I have fed Brityn stew vegetables mashed up, spaghetti, tortelini and vegetable soup, etc. I also have made a baby casserole for her with lentils, navy beans,and veggies. With the spaghetti I cooked up some pasta threw it in the food processer to get it small enough and then just put some jarred spaghetti sauce over it. I used a garden veggie one so I know she is getting plenty of veggies. then I divided it up into ice cube trays and froze it, then put it in freezer bags. Now I have a quick go to meal for her all prepared. I did the same thing with her casserole. If you want the recipes for the casserole just email me. It is VERY easy.
I tried to give her some of the stage 3 broccoli, carrots and cheese last night and she started crying immediatly....I tasted it and couldn't blame her, it's disgusting! LOL!! Other good things for them would be cottage cheese, you could mix with with fruit or veggies. Scrambled egg yolks.

Good finger foods are:
string cheese-torn into small bits
any cheese really, just make sure it's cut up small enough for them.

My docs told me not to give Brityn strawberries (not sure why??) or any citrus fruits till 1st birthday. But any other fruits

cooked beans, kidney, navy, lentils etc. you can get most canned so you don't have to cook

well cooked small pasta

I found some little individual servings of vegetables at wal-mart (their brand) and give those to her as finger food also.

ok it's all I can think of for now :) sorry this is so long!!

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog through a friend of mine and thought I would respond. We have a two year old and have gone through some of the same things...As far as the flying, I would take sippy cups with whatever they like to drink so they can drink on the way up and down. I lot of people say that flying is really difficult, but we haven't found it to be. Just be sure to have a couple toys as well as some things they like to munch on so they are distracted.

As far as the food goes I would start with avacadoes, bananas, pears, peas or carrots (the frozen ones in the mixed vegetable bags are great. You can nuke them for a few seconds and there you go!) cooked potatoes and then mash them up, blueberries, finely shredded deli meat (ham or turkey,) grapes cut up very small, cheese cut up very small. Pretty much anything that you eat, cut up very small of mashed up. Our baby never liked the baby food in a jar so we have always just fed him cut up or mashed up versions of whatever we were eating. There is also a great book I highly recommend...I never read it cover to cover, but in the middle of the book there is a chart that states the child's age, how much milk they should be drinking as well as recommended foods for each age. I love that chart! The book is called "Child of Mine, Feeding with Love and Good Sense," Ellyn Satter.

Good Luck!

KELLY said...

First, to answer Bobbi's question about strawberries - children can be very prone to an allergic reaction to strawberries. That is probably why the doctor said to wait to give them to your child.

Now, here's some advice from the parent of a 17 year old LITTLE BOY! :0

These are the foods I would start with:

Bananas (cut into small chunks) - I would even freeze them to help with the teething pains.

Dry cereal (i.e., Cheerios, etc.)

Rice (You can now buy these pre-cooked and in individual serving sizes that you just heat in the microwave).

Graham crackers with peanut butter spread very thin (if your doctor says peanut butter is okay). I know you LOVE peanut butter.

Scrambled eggs - and I would get the Eggbeaters and then all you have to do is pour into the bowl and microwave them. This is a great food to practice using a spoon with, too.

Chicken - I would buy the pre-cooked rotisserie chicken in the deli and use it all week. You can cut it up into small pieces and serve with the rice.

Apple slices - I would probably remove the peel - but, thin slices of apple are a great snack that most kids love.

Yogurt is great, too. Just be careful if they are feeding themselves. Yogurt flies very quickly (and often times very far) when flung off the spoon of a toddler.

Frozen veggies - you can cook them in the microwave. I always like using the peas and carrots and cooking them until they are really soft.

Another idea would be to get the Ziploc steamer bags. You could put carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini or whatever in there and cook them very quickly in the microwave. Just remember to cut them into very small pieces...and make sure they are really soft.

Hope this helps...and hope you guys will be at mom and dad's on Saturday for Debbie's birthday!

Ashhog said...

I'm with Katie...this might be easier on the have my number right...if you need to, call me. Here I go:

No help on the flying thing...I will be asking your advice about that when we take our first trip! But I think a portable dvd player sounds good. Maybe pack a small bag with a few toys, books??

Great idea on having them sit in their high chairs and drink their bottle-I think I'm gonna try this too b/c mine still don't hold their bottles when they are sitting up.

I hadn't even thought about goldfish...thanks for the idea!

I go to the grocery store about once a week/once every 2 weeks for finger foods for the boys. Then I pick one night and I cut up all the fruits and veggies and cook the veggies. Then I put about 1/2 a cup (that's about how much my boys are eating of each thing) of each food into the snack size ziploc bags. I think put as many snack size bags as will fit into big freezer bags and put everything in the freezer. That way the day before I take out the snack size bags of what I want them to eat for the next day and put them in the fridge to thaw out. And they're ready to go when I need them. It's nice b/c besides that one night a week, I really don't have to do a whole lot as far as preparation.

Most of the veggies/fruits I buy fresh. Some though I buy frozen, and a few I buy canned. The canned ones I just rinse off before I serve them to get some of the sodium off. I usually buy canned green beans and peaches. Whatever canned fruit you buy, make sure it is the kind that is in it's own juices not in syrup. I buy canned beans and just rinse them off.

Examples of things we buy (just cut into small pieces):
blueberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, avocado, pears, bananas, peas, green beans, zuccini, squash, spinach, kidney beans, butter beans, black beans, pasta with cottage cheese, whole wheat toast, etc.

I have also had them try pastas that I have gotten at a restaurant when we are out. Ravioli, baked ziti.

Let me know if you want to know anything else. Good luck and keep me informed of how it's going! :)