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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


who is home......

first car ride

on the way home (thanks granny and pa for the car seats)

finally home... in the pack-n-play (thanks auntie ruth)

all comfy in the astros blanket (thanks uncle Brandon)

Lexi wondering who is the new addition

the next morning... we made it through the first night!!!

It was an interesting first day home with John. We did not get much sleep as I would make sure he was breathing every 15-20 minutes. He did great though... did not cry and slept most the night. we heard some noises and we would check on him but he was just chilling.
Brandon is up to SIX BOTTLES... YIPPIE! WE hope he can finish all of them and get him home next week sometime. He is just doing great, we think he knows his brother went home and now he has to get down to business. The traveling is now going to get harder having John at home but we are managing thanks to all the grandparents :-)
Brandon is on 8 bottles and no feeding tube!!! Thank you so much for the prayers... it is truly amazing to see Gods work!


Karie said...

Oh court, I'm so glad he's home! I know you are as well! Now we're gonna get the other one home very soon!

Jenny B said...

Yea! I'm so glad that he's home. You'll settle down once you are used to their noises. I didn't sleep well for several weeks, afraid she wasn't breathing. :) It's great that he slept most of the night! Hopefully Brandon will be able to join him soon!

Jess Martinez said...

Yay!!!!! Praise the Lord he is home! I will continue to pray that Brandon comes home soon!


Becky Kiser said...

that is so fun!!!! and he looks too cute!

Lady Radiant said...

Courtney, I'm so happy John is home!!! It sounds like Brandon will be joining him very soon :)

Jill Mason said...

YEAH!!! How wonderful to have him home. His brother won't be far behind:) I'm glad your first night home with him went good.

The Sanders House said...

I am so excited for you! By the way, your nursery is so cute! Hope everything else is healing and drying up!!

kdurec said...

Congratulations on having one baby home!! Oh, and I am not adjusting to parenthood that well, trust me! I am having a very hard time getting through certain parts of the day, I'm just trying to stay upbeat.