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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our first night

Well... I did not know how emotional you can get! John has had two episodes of crying spells. One two nights ago where i just freaked out and cried for hours and thought I was on the breaking point of postpartum and last night where I did better. I think he might be congested so we are now using a humidifier and saline drops for his nose. We are also using mylicon for gas for both boys. I think the transition to our house from the sterile environment of the NICU has really caused most of this but it still scares me that the boys can get sick! After John calmed down and finally passed out Brandon woke up and was grunting and wiggling around, mind you this was at 5:30am after his feeding so I decided to hold him for a bit and he spit up all over me! NICE!!!! I have also been peed on by John and Brian has been peed on by Brandon. I was up with Brandon who was wide awake till about 7am. Nice lack of sleep since I decided to do the 2am and 5am feedings. My mom was here to feed one while I fed the other but it is still so hard! One person.... either Brian, who ever is helping out or I will have to do two consecutive feedings and not get too much sleep through the night. I gave Brian a break and let him sleep from midnight to 7 this morning. Anyways, they have been great this morning just eating and sleeping! If you come by please keep make sure you are not sick and that babies stay home so we don't get too many germs around... they have enough with the dogs licking them
Prayer request.... rest for all of us, that John has less gas and just in general feels better and that Brandon adjusts well to his new home and does not get sick. Also that we can find good bottle to use (we are having a hard transition from the NICU bottles).

More pics soon!


kdurec said...

Oh wow, Court. I can't imagine how hard it is having two babies at home!! One is enough sleep deprivation, and I am getting an hour here and there! Hang in there, it is going to be rough for both of us for the next few weeks, but then things should calm down and we will slowly get more and more sleep, I am definitely praying for you and your boys!

Jenny B said...

Oh my goodness. It is so hard when they are crying and you don't know why and when nothing seems to help. Ansley got colic b/c she was early, that may be what is going on with John. Ask your pediatrician about giving them a half a tsp of camomile tea, that will help with colic. I got an ok from Dr. Sears, but ask your MD about it with them since they are preemie. Hopefully it is not though.
I want to come and bring you a meal, but it may be next week b/c I have a cold. I definitely don't want to be around any of you right now. I'm praying for you guys! And remember, just let it out, it makes you feel a lot better and it gets easier from here I promise.

Jess Martinez said...

I am praying for you guys!

Allison said...

Oh, this brings back so many memories. Just keep reminding yourself that you really do survive!!!