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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prayer Request

Alright, I need some prayers!!!

I am sick... I don't know if I am having a bad case of allergies OR I have a cold but low and behold I don't feel good!
I feel like I can not catch a break. From getting home from the hospital I have had a fever, a numb hand, an infection and now this.... it is one thing after another and now I am not getting to see the boys everyday (I missed yesterday and today) because I don't want anyone in the NICU getting sick if I am really sick.
I just want to feel good!!! Please pray for my soreness to subsides, my allergies/cold goes away fast, the feeling in my hand comes back and that the infection goes away so I can go see the boys!



Dana said...

Why is your hand numb?

Sleep momma, sleep and drinks lots of water.

kdurec said...

Oh Court, you are having such a rough time, I am sorry! I have been and will continue praying for you and your family. I understand about the being sick, I caught a cold about a week ago and I am pretty sure it's a sinus infection now and there is nothing I can do about it. It stinks! I hope you feel better very soon so you can go back to your boys in the NICU!!!

Jenny B said...

Oh no! I will definitely be praying for you.

Care said...

sorry you are having such a difficult time - i will pray for you too!