The Synnott Twins

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Piglets

The boys are doing very very well!!!!!!
Brandon and John are both over 5 pounds and growing everyday. They are both up to about 47ml of milk a feeding. John has been upped to two bottles a day- about 12 hours apart (they like three feedings in between). If he takes the second bottle well they will keep increasing bottles per day. Hopefully it will not take long for him to get to 8 bottles and come home. Brandon is still on one bottle, he is being a little stinker and not being very interested in taking his full bottle- he eats about half and then falls asleep..... so cute but very frustrating.
Please continue to pray for the twins as they learn how to feed and tolerate the bottle so they can come HOME!!!!


Karie said...

i'm glad they're doing so well! how are you feeling??

Dana said...

Hey chica! Hope you are feeling better!

I miss you!