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Tuesday, January 15, 2008




The boys are doing good.... Brandon is up to three bottle. We have decided that he is just a slow eater... have no clue who he gets that from! We are going to try feeding him at a different time of day and see if he eats more... he likes to fall asleep in the middle of his feed. He is also 5 pounds 8 ounces. John is up to four bottle and just doing great with it. He finishes very fast and then passes out! John is 5 pounds 7 ounces.
I am doing good too... I decided to stop pumping cold turkey (thanks Michelle) and use cabbage leafs and sage tea, if I can get up the nerve to taste it! My friend Jenny S. used sage tea and said it helped her!!! I have gone over 12 hours with no pumping... I even packed everything up. I am in some pain but comes and goes and I am as hard as a rock and it looks like I have had a boob job, they are almost as high as my chin! ;-) I have yet to tell the OT's who help feed the boys that I am not going to breast feed but no milk will be brought to the hospital tomorrow so I guess they will know soon. I hope the pain subsides some in a couple of days. Right now I am just trying to do anything to keep my mind off of it.
Tomorrow I get to meet with a pediatrician to see if I want them to care for the boys. I have another appointment on Thursday and hopefully one of them will be a great fit. Other than that I am finally cooking and doing laundry. I am feeling a lot better and pray that this is the last thing my body has to go through for at least a YEAR!!!

Thank you all for the well wishes, prayers and encouragement!


Shae said...

Hey, Mama! It looks like everybody's doing well! :)

Jenny B said...

They are looking so good! I'm so glad that they should get to come home soon.

Care said...

your boys are looking really good! so glad to know they are doing well!!

kdurec said...

I am glad to hear that your boys are doing so well! I am excited for you to bring them home! I love having Kendra here but for the last three nights she has been on a reverse sleep cycle. She is perfect all day long and then fussy all night. I am hoping to get her out of this soon!

I hope you start feeling better in the breast department soon! Mine have been so sore adjusting to breastfeeding but things are getting better since I've adjusted to my millk coming in!