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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Been Awhile....

The Sign in the front yard
Susan and James
Uncle Brandon feeding John

Mommy and John

Mommy and Brandon

John just hanging out

John hanging out with his dad

Daddy and Brandon

Brandon the thinker...

Brandon trying out a bouncy chair

Daddy and John

We are all just trying to adjust to being a family of 6 (mommy, daddy, the twins and the dogs). It has been an interesting time with having both boys home and trying to get down a schedule, know their sounds, get use to their cries and figuring out when their awake times are. Seems like John likes to fuss and be awake from 7-11pm and Brandon from 2-7am approximately. What is funny is that the boys were so quiet in the NICU and they get home and love to make cute and not so cute noises. Brian and I are taking turns feeding and using the grandmothers to help during the day and NIGHT! Lack of sleep in just something we have gotten use to and seems like we kind of run on adrenaline. Brian went back to work today which made me very sad and scared of trying to do all this by myself-with the help of the grandmothers-but ultimately all this is my responsibility. I get very overwhelmed when both boys start to fuss or are wanting to eat at the same time and start to cry. I have only been alone with them I think TWICE. I have been able to feed them alone though which is cool to know that one day I will get all this down and it will be easy (as allot of moms of multiples tell me)! Sometimes I feel as if I can not do this and I just don't know how to be a mom or take care of two innocent little ones. I guess right now that is normal since we have only had them home for a little while even though they are almost 5 WEEKS OLD! Yesterday we had our first pediatrician visit. The car ride was great, both boys do wonderful. The visit was good too!!! John weighs 7 pounds 2 ounces and is 19 1/4 inches long. Brandon is 7 pounds and 19 inches long. Both are doing well and the doc said just to keep doing what we are doing and see her in a month. It felt great that they have not lost any weight after coming home and that we are feeding them the right amounts. Not much else is going on other that feeding, sleeping and hanging out!


Kelly said...

I can hardly wait to hold those babies. Richard has been sick since Saturday (running 103 fever) - so, I am waiting a week or two (at least) to come by...don't want those babies (or you) sick! Love and miss you like crazy!

kdurec said...

I feel the same way, especially when I am home all day by myself. By the time Mike gets home I am crying just because it is so overwhelming. Hang in there, we just need to get through the first few weeks, and things should slowly get into a rhythm. You can do it!

Jenny B said...

I'm not worthy is something I seem to say to God an awful lot. What a sweet responsibility though. You will get a hang of it. That's pretty cool that you can feed them both at the same time! Good job!

Dana said...

I cannot wait to see them and hold them and cry all over them!

They are precious!

And I miss you!

Jess Martinez said...

Courtney the boys look so precious and HEALTHY!!!

Anonymous said...

Court - I can't wait to see you in action as a Mommy! You will get the hang of it just remember to stay flexable! My best advise is take one day at a time and don't sweat the small stuff - it's not a big deal if their bathes are not on time or if the nap schedule is not right on time - just relax and enjoy the ride of having two of the cutest babies on the planet! I can't wait to officially meet the boys. Hang in there it gets better everyday. Love You!! Rae