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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bath Seats

I need some more help...

Brandon is sitting up on his own all the time now and John is getting there. John is just so active that when he sits he wants to stand or get something that he falls but he can do it when he wants to. So now I am looking into bath seats... any of you out there have any suggestions on a good one to buy?


Ashhog said...

We just went from the sling infant tub to sitting up in the sink.

Harris Boys said...

I never used them, but I've heard ones like this are great:

check out your local babies r us and see what they recommend. good luck.

Jenny B said...

These kind are great. It lets them sit up and reach for things without falling down. It should definitely help with having 2 of them. :) I've never seen one that locks onto the end of the tub though, the one we used had suction cups on the bottom to hold it on. Not sure which is better. Good luck, bath time has become fun. :)