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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

6 month check-up

Little Men



The Podee bottle
Sleeping boy

Brandon and John had their 6 month check up today. They are both doing really well and we now have to buy convertable car seats!!! Just another thing to do for them. They did good with the shots and just cried for a little bit and calmed down. I asked about the formula issue and she said that as long as they are are drinking as much as they want (anywhere from 4 ounces to 8 ounces) then I should not worry, I need to take thier cues for hunger! We are still on a 4 hour schedule and once they have tried all 1st food we can move to 2nd foods. YIPPIE

Things the boys are doing:
wearing stage 2-3 diapers
loving talking and smiling
rolling over on each other
eating all types of first foods
still in stage 2 nipples


weight- 18pounds 5.7ounces (50-75%)

height-26 inches (25-50%)

head- 45cm (75-90%)

Things he is doing:
sitting up on his own
flipping from back to tu0mmy
scooting around on his back
laughing and smiling FINALLY
loves to play with daddy's face


weight- 17pounds 6.3 ounces (50%)

height- 26inches (25-50%)

head- 43cm (25-50%)

Things he is doing:
flipping from tummy to back and back to tummy
scooting around on his tummy
talking and laughing
plays with his feet all the time
loves to be tickled

** Sorry I have not been around much but my friend Dana got me on a book series I could not put down. I read three books in a week! The series is Twilight my Stephenie Meyer. If you are a Harry Potter fan you might like these books!!!


Karie said...

i am so glad the twilight addiction has made it to down to houston!

you're little men are so cute! glad to see they and you are doing well!

miss you!

Dana said...

They are so adorable and I am so glad you got good news from the dr.

About your latest addiction:

Tee hee...:)