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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have a son that is a bully :-(

When Brandon and John sit facing each other with their toys in the middle John will pick up a toy and Brandon will snatch it from him.... almost every time!
It is pretty cute but I can just imagine how it will be later on.


Double the blessing said...

Awww too cute. We have a bully too. Lily will take any toy that Preston has including his binky which she doesn't even like. It's funny how you can already tell what kind of personality they will have.

Harris Boys said...

just wait...(as I snicker over here) boys are horrible bullies and they both do it on a daily basis. I like to say it gets better, but it doesn't. like my dad said growing up..we would probably fight over a pile of dog would have to know my

Allison said...

Blake is a bully too...I guess you have to have one in the group! Welcome to the club!

Ashhog said...

Cooper takes all of Dean's toys too. Can't wait to chat with ya again!

KELLY said...

It's cute now...but, just wait! :) Of course, as long as Brandon does not take John's blanket away from him...then, "auntie Kelly" might have to get involved! Blanket lovers UNITE! :)