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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Car seat and sippy cups

So the pedi said we could start teaching the boys to use sippy cups if we want... well why not. They said they wean the bottle at 12 months but if they can start to learn early then great and we will be out in hot TEXAS weather so water and juice cut with water can be in the sippy cup plus if they learn we can put their formula in it! Any one out there have their favorite one for teaching little ones???

Also the boys are 26 inches long and our car seats fit 27 inches max so we are on the look out for convertible car seats. If anyone has a good suggestion or any info on them please let me know!!


Ashhog said...

We just got them car seats. We went with the Evenflo Triumph-the main reason being-I didn't find very many negative things about them-the only thing being that they are bulky. We put them in our car and actually had room to scoot the front seats back a little bit from where they were with the other seats. We have a minivan though. I liked them b/c they went to 50lbs and since the boys have been pretty high in the weight dept I thought they might be best. I found a lot of complaints about the 3 in1 seats-that some babies high in weight and height were outgrowing either the weight or height before the next stage (booster) so they actually had to buy another in between convertible seat until they were ready for booster?? Not sure-a lot of people have them and love them though. I've heard great things about the britax-I just couldn't see spending $600 on car seats. That was just my thought process through everything. You can look back at my comments I received when I asked about this too if you want. I also went through all the reviews on babies r us, target, and walmart.

Sippy cups-we are still trying too so let me know what you find out.

They are getting so big court!! Love the pictures! :)

Whew that was long! :)

Jenny B said...

We got Fisher Price Safe Voyage. It is made by Britax which is the really nice one, and has the same features, but half the price. The difference is that the padding on the seat isn't as full, but the safetly features are the same. I would definitely recommend getting one that is a little more expensive. We got one from Sam's that was $60 and hated it (it was Alpha Omega, or the Costco Brand). It didn't have a base so it rocked really bad in the rear position. My sister-in-law has the evenflo one and she and her sister really like that one too. Anyways, the fisher price you have to get online, but the shipping was free.

kdurec said...

Ooo, I am looking forward to the comments on this one. Both of those things are in my future... I am thinking about getting the Britax Marathon... but I only have to get one so I know that makes a difference. The good thing about the marathon is that it goes up to 60 lbs and in theory can hold a 6 year old! That's a long lasting carseat!

Harris Boys said...

yay for sippy cups, don't get frustrated if they don't take right to them..just keep giving it to them every day even just to play with. I would actually let them play with just the lid part and let them chew on them.

as far as car seats we used

free shipping over $100. We bought 4 of the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 convertible seats. We have been VERY pleased with them. they are the only car seat the boys will need..goes up to a booster seat. very safe, high recommend! Good luck!

Harris Boys said...

oh just so you know the eddie bauer 3 in 1 goes up to 100 lbs..pretty cool. Happy shopping!

The Myers Family said...

I'll second Katie on the! I bought all 3 of my britax on the website. The people there are awesome and they are a bit cheaper. You may also want to try the 10% disc at BRU. Also, if you are doing britax...they have a sale once or twice a you may want to wait for that.

I'm doing my sat/sun post on sippy cups on HDYDI...if i can get it done on time. I have all sorts of info from the MOMS about differnt cups to try. I personally like nubys at first...they are soft and kinda like a bottle. Playtex are good if you are looking for something that doesn't leak. Hmm...i could go on and on..i've been through tons of sippy cups.

Good luck..hope this week is better than last week!

Dana said...

I'm still trying to get E & E to drink from cups so I'm no help.

(for those who don't know, this is a kids are 15 & 13 years old)

Bobbi said...

I hope you get some more comments on the sippy cup thing....I bought the Playtex brand because they are BPA free and was about the only brand I could find around here that were. Anyway, she won't suck hard enough to get anything out. So, I took the valve out. It leaks but she can at least get water out of it now. Luckily I don't have to worry about carseats for a little while longer as mine goes up to 30 lbs and 30".
The boys are getting so big! I think they are starting to look more and more alike. CUTE :)

Allison said...

carseats- Lindsey and I both have the Sunshine Kids Radian seats and would really recommend them. I have the Radian 65s becuase they were like $70 cheaper and she has the Radian 85s which come in a fabric that stays cool in the heat-- ask her what she thinks of that, because I'm not sure. I bought these b/c they are super safe and you can fit 3 across the back of the car so if we have another baby, we won't need a bigger car.

Sippys---I like the playtex ones...everything else we've tried leaked. I did have to give them the nuby with the soft spout a couple times 1st just so they got the idea that cups were something to drink out of. I started at 6 mos and just gave them water at every meal. It took a couple of months, but they caught on and then I changed the water to formula. After meal's I'd follow with a bottle. At about 11 mos I just stopped the bottle and gave the their sippy back after meals and they would finish their milk and go play.

Anonymous said...

I think (personally) that your babies are too young to be using sippy cups. They are only 4 months adjusted age. I guess if your doctor says go for it - decide what you want to do. I work with preemies as an early intervention specialist. Many of the babies that I work with NEED that sucking and need the cuddling when giving a baby a bottle. A thought - let them have a sippy cup to "play with" during meal time which will keep them occupied while they are waiting for their next bite. Just something for you to think about.....I don't mean to step on your toes or anything.

Cassi said...

Courtney, My two LOVE using the Avent sippy cups. They are shaped similar to the Avent bottles and have the handles on the sides for easy holding. They come in packs of pink and green or blue and yellow. Maggie and Micah began using them when they were 6 months and now they're pros! Hope this helps!

Jenny B said...

That's the website I got Ansley's Fisher Price one from too, the alleebaby. It is great
Have fun shopping

Amy Jo:) said...

Hey!! I am excited to start blogging! We do need to get together sometime soon! Noah is under the weather, so maybe after he is feeling better!

Car seat - after Noah outgrew his graco we went with the convertible Britax Marathon. We really like it.

Sippy Cups - we did not move him over as early as you are...but after about a year he really has stuck with the take and toss ones. They are easy to clean with no little parts you have to take apart! It would probably be too much flow for your little guys though!

I hope that you are doing well! Your boys are gorgeous!