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Monday, July 21, 2008

Just something new

The boys and I ventured out by ourselves today for the first time. Since I had no where to go and no one was coming over I decided since we were all alone today that we would venture out to TARGET! It went pretty well for the most part. The duo glider is a mystery to me and I can not get the boys tight enough in it so Brandon was all over the place trying to get out. The boys have been pretty fussy today, I don't know if that has to do with teething or not wanting to take naps so I had to let them cry it out this afternoon for their nap. They finally got some sleep and all three feedings went well. The last one at 4pm was the best and the noon feed the worst but we managed and all is done until daddy gets home tonight. Right now the boys are in the jumper and excer-saucer and talking in "baby code" to one another.... they take turns jumping and talking and fake coughing. It is too cute! We are also buying the convertible car seats this week to take on our trip to San Antonio... I just think they will be more comfy in the since all they want to do is sit up. I have decided it is either the Britax (don't know which model) because of the safety, the Evenflo Triumph because it has the same test rating as the Britax or the Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3 in 1 because it turns into a booster. What do yall think?


Harris Boys said...

My vote is the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1...the safety ratings are just as high as britax and the britax are so much more money...just my 2 cents.

Glad you got out with the boys...I promise the more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel. Sorry your having trouble with making the straps tight...once the boys were about 10-11 months old I only buckled them in by the waist buckle.

Bobbi said...

Yay you went out by yourself! It will get easier the more you do's even hard with one at first.
A tooth!? Looks like Brityn is the only one without one. I pray she doesn't get any until I'm ready to wean her! LOL!!

Adam & Andrew said...

Way to go taking the boys out on your own, that's a big momma milestone! Keep at it because it gets easier every time and you'll build your confidence.

We and two of my close friends all have the Sunshine Kids Radian 80. They aren't cheap but they are narrow and not bulky like the Britax, VERY safe, and can hold a child up to 80 pounds. The latest reports show that booster seats are not much safer than seatbelt alone and that kids should remain in a 5 point safety harness as long as possible. I've been very happy with them.

We also have Evenflo Titan's as our extra set and they are terrible for rear facing but fine for forward facing but only go up to like 40 lbs.

Adam & Andrew said...

Here is a link for reviews:

Ashhog said...

We love our evenflo triumph! Way to go...going to Target ALONE!! You are one brave mama! :)