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Monday, July 14, 2008

I survived

I did it! I can't believe it! I did it!

well kinda... mom showed up and brought me lunch and help feed the boys but didn't need her if she didn't come. John woke up early this morning so I fed him while Brandon was still asleep and then fed Brandon then gave them both their food. They went down at 9:15 and Brandon woke up at 10:15 and we played while John slept till 10:40ish. Then we all played till my mom got here. We fed the boys at noon and they had spring veggies with brown rice (2nd food) and really took to it. Then I took a shower and mom ended up putting the boys down because they were falling asleep on the floor then she left. John woke up at 2:15ish and we played till Brandon woke up around 2:45ish. Then John took his podee bottle while I fed Brandon. Then they took their food together and now we are playing again. Can't wait for daddy to get home!!!

Pictures from the day...

I don't know why this one is sideways!


kdurec said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. :) I can't wait until Kendra starts sitting up better. She still topples over after a few seconds right now. :)

Jenny B said...

Yea! I knew you could do it! We'll have to come over soon and play with you guys. Talk to you soon

Harris Boys said...

congrats...we all knew you could do it :)

love the quilt the boys play on, great colors :)

Amy Jo:) said...

They are really such cuties!!! We definitely need to get together - I cannot wait to see you and meet them!

Do you like your double stroller? I am needing to get one.

I thought it was sweet you commented on my cousin Brandon's blog! I am so excited for them with their upcoming birth of their twins. Brandon's wife, Jessica, is actually a twin...which I find just amazing since they are having twins!!!!