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Friday, June 27, 2008

So Sorry

6 months!!!!

That I have made some friends worry about the boys and myself. Today has not been any easier but I am not doing it alone. My mom and Brian are here. Mom has fed Brandon all day so far and I have fed John... who is still being a stinker. I am having trouble getting even 5 ounces in him at noon, he had 6 ounces at breakfast. Brandon had his full bottle this morning and 6 1/2 ounces at noon, that one being a hard feed as well.... and remember this is all being held, not in there boppy's or highchairs.
I know we will get through this but I truly do not know what is going on. We have our check-up this coming Wednesday and this will be talked about as well as getting shots :-(

Anyhow the boys are 6 MONTHS OLD!!

***the boys take their bottle first then have food and John is now back on preemie formula as of last night at 8pm***


Ashhog said...

I hope the doctor has some answers for you. Maybe reflux? I know reflux can hurt them when they are eating and make them not want the bottle. Praying for answers for you! :)

Double the blessing said...

Courtney I feel so bad that you are having such a hard time. Do the boys eat food then a bottle? Ours eat a jar of food then only 5 to 6 oz of formula about an hour later. I hope things get better.


Harris Boys said...

I'm sorry things haven't seen to get any better. I really think it might have something to do with the new formula...just me 2 cents. I hope the pedi can help. Happy 6 months boys. I remember when my boys were that little...enjoy them, they grow up TOO FAST!!!

Dana said...

I know it has to be overwhelming. I cannot imagine because I only had them one at a time. BUT, now that they are teens I cannot remember who ate how many ounces when. And, there is always the next event, hurdle, triumph and goal...

this too shall pass. Praying for you!

kdurec said...

Congrats on 6 months! I hope you find an answer when you go to the doc. They sound like Kendra when she had her ear infection. It could also be the formula. Or maybe teeth? Babies are so hard to know what's wrong! Praying for you all, the fussy baby thing is terrible, and I can only imagine how hard it is with 2!