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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Since the boys are sleeping through the night (John is still asleep from 8:15pm last night and it is 7:37am) we are having issues with them peeing through their diaper and through their outfit. I think that is what wakes Brandon up so early so he gets cranky real easy because he is still sleepy. Any ideas what can help this.... do we just need to go to stage 3 at night? I need a fix for this... any one know what to do?


Ashhog said...

We usually put them in a bigger diaper when this started happening-at least at night. Awesome-that they are sleeping so well at night!!

Harris Boys said...

either move them to a bigger diaper of try overnight diapers. Not sure what size they are in, but Huggies makes a overnight diaper and I've seen it in size 3-6. Hope this helps. The boys have been wearing overnight diapers since about 8 months old.

Jenny B said...

They have sleep diapers. I'm not totally sure where to get them, but they absorb more fluid. They are more expensive and you get less, but you don't need as many. try looking at Babies R us. Also, I've heard to double up the diaper. (put another on on top to catch any extra) Good luck.

Adam & Andrew said...

Like E&A we use the Huggies overnights for bed time. They aren't at Target but I usually find them at HEB. They come in a blue/purple-ish package.

The Sanders House said...

go to stage should solve your problem!
i just had to do that with jack and it worked.
(it also worked with keegs)