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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simon Says

Flip over....

Just 4 days after his brother flipped from his back to his tummy...


***I will put up a video of Brandon when I can catch hin in the act***


Harris Boys said...

YAY YAY John!!! way to go BIG BOY!!!!!!!!

Bobbi said...

Courtney, congrats on both of the boys rolling over, handling a feeding on your own, sleeping through the night, and everything else! :D

Thanks for the suggestion of putting the vitamins in milk. I thought of it but I was thinking of just putting them in one of her regular bottles but sometimes she won't finish a whole bottle so I was worried she wouldn't get the whole dose....however your suggestion of putting it with an ounce of milk is great! drrr!

Your new hair cut is cute.

KELLY said...

Wow, he certainly has that move down now! BTW, Richard got some great pictures of the boys on Saturday. I will email them to you and let you show them off on your blog! Love you!