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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The First Feeding

First off, Brian got the book done at
Alright, the boys woke up around 7am which was awesome and I had everything ready for them by 7:30am. My mom was here just to watch out for me as I fed the boys and if I needed any help. I put the boys in their high chairs and fed them their vitamin which Brandon took with no problem, John was a little slower but not bad! Then they both started doing their thing.... looking around, trying to pull the bottle out of their mouth and trying to hold it. That in lies the problem I have with feeding them at the same time, they do not just take a bottle! So I stopped feeding John and took Brandon and feed him in my arms and then did the same with John. Feeding them their prunes and oatmeal was fine in their highchairs. The bottle is going to be my battle. Anyone have any solutions?
Also John has a very sensitive tummy.... he is rolling all the time now (as is Brandon) but when he rolls on his tummy he throws up, not just spit up but throws up. It smells and it happens at least twice after every feeding when he starts to play. He spits up all day long and I can handle that but the throw up is getting to me.

Update after lunch....


kdurec said...

Way to go Court! I don't look down on you at all for having help for as long as you did, multiples totally intimidate me! Kendra does the same thing with the bottle. You probably will just have to give them the bottle seperately until they get good at holding it themselves. But I'll let the mom's with multiples give you the advice...
I think the whole sensitive tummy thing is why Kendra still hates to be on her tummy. She almost always spits up on her tummy too. Hopefully once the gentlease formula really gets into their systems that will help the spit up. It did with Kendra anyway...
Best of luck to you today!

Adam & Andrew said...

Have you tried Podee bottles? That's what I did for feeding two before they could hold their own bottle and I loved them! I had to use play around with them a bit before they got it but it was definitely worth the effort.

The Myers Family said...

Thanks for the blog site. I'm going to have to check it out!

Have you talked to a dr. about the throwing up thing? Maybe he has reflux? Hmm... My girls spit up(but ONLY little amounts until they were ONE!) Not the same thing...but i was crawling around on the floor behind them wiping up puke all day. Thank goodness for slate floors!

I think the boys are doing great...and so are YOU! It may take a few days..but i bet they will give in and get used to your feeding them both together and drink that last ounce. If they aren't under weight..i wouldn't worry about one ounce here and one ounce there for a few days. When my girls got mad they'd do the same thing...but when they figured out i wasn't giving in...they'd get over it and eat better!

Good Luck tomorrow! Remember, everyday gets better!