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Monday, June 2, 2008

Some interesting things

Brandon flipped from tummy to back today all by himself. We are so proud!!!!

John has decided for the last 4 nights to not sleep through the night. We are not feeding him but he insists on waking up. He falls asleep after we hold him for a bit but when we put him back down he wails. It is so frustrating and daddy and I dont know what to do!

ok.... bye for now

John flipped over from tummy to back after our evening walk.


Jenny B said...

yea! That's great! He did it pretty early. That is really good! Hopefully John's waking was just a fluke. You never know maybe teeth are coming in. :) Yea that joy of teething!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're into the "Cry It Out" method, but apparently, if you go in and check on him and he is OK, you should reassure him you're there, give him a kiss and walk out. Apparently, after about 3 nights he should be able to put himself back to sleep... It's not a fun time, but he will be learning... I've known numerous people who have had success with this method, but it isn't for everyone! :-)