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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rashes and Fathers Day

Twins do the weirdest things... like get rashes together!
I noticed John had a raised rash on his back a few days back. Then I noticed Brandon has it too. The only difference is that Brandon's is splotchy and John's is all over his back. We think it might be food allergies so we are backing off from the veggies we have introduced and waiting to see if the rash will disappear. We will re-introduce the veggies again and see what happens. Right now they are eating oatmeal, prunes and applesauce.

They are both sitting up by themselves for a short amount of time but it is getting longer and longer. We are loving it!!!

Well Brian said he loved his first fathers day. It was just like any other day except I made him breakfast! Other than that we just hing out with family and with the boys. He also said he loved his gifts and were glad that they were made by the boys. I am glad they made it memorable for him. He is such a hard guy to get stuff for so I was glad he liked it all.


Jenny B said...

I was very impressed with your gifts! I made mike go to Barnes & Nobles to pick out a book for his gift. haha. Men in general are hard to get gifts for I think. :)

Allison said...

Hey girl-- I saw your comment..I wonder if I am talking about the same ashley...saw heath and just assumed...this one lives in CS and had her babies a month or two ago. :) Hope you are well!

kdurec said...

Sorry to hear about the rashes! that stinks! I just saw what you did for Father's Day, and no wonder he loved it! Wow you are so much more on top of things than I am. :D