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Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Firsts

CIO day 3-- John slept through the night. We ended up last night propping his bed up on one side and that might of helped but I am thinking it is that he only took one nap yesterday. He just would not go down. It was so frustrating so I think he was just really tired.

John also held his bottle through most of his feeding this morning... WOW
We got highchairs!!! So from now on I think that is where they will be fed and if I don't have help that is where they will take their bottle also.

The boys had sweet potatoes today.

The family all went to Little Gym today. The boys did a forward roll, got to stand on a balance beam, see bubbles and play with bells. It was so much fun and I really think it will help the boys with their core muscles and it at least gets us out of the house for a bit!!!

We went swimming also! The boys did alright for their real first time being in water above their waist.


Harris Boys said...

they look so grown up in the pool pics. We have the same raft :) Hang in there with the sttn, it will come and before you know it you'll be getting a full nights rest again!!!