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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Houston Traffic

Made me feed my boys alone for the second time ever... and yes they are 5 months old.
My MIL was in Houston traffic this morning so I put the in their infant seats and feed the boys their bottle. It worked out pretty well for the first time. My MIL showed up right when John finished his bottle so she was able to burp and feed him his oatmeal and prunes. This just goes to show me that I really can do it on my own when I am in a jam or when I am truly ready to take on my twins. Right now I am pretty scared to do it and I think that is because I am a first time mom and have never been down this road before. Will keep you updated as I start doing each feeding by myself.... who knows when I will get the guts to do that though!

CIO Day #2
Last night John did pretty well. He woke up at 2:14am and I just walked in his room and gave him is paci and walked out. He went back to sleep till 6am. At 6am I changed his diaper and tried to get him back to sleep. I guess it is my fault that didn't work, he pretty much was up till I got him out of bed at 7am. We will just keep trying!


Ashhog said...

Way to go feeding them by yourself! It gets easier and easier-I promise! And good luck with the cry it out thing. We did that too-they have always been pretty good at night but we had to do it with naps. I know it's really hard to listen to them so upset but hopefully it won't last long! Good luck! :)


Lauren said...

Crying it out is so hard! I am dying for a full night's sleep, too. Ugh. So far it is working with naps but not at bedtime or during the night--he just gets more and more upset. Ugh again.