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Monday, June 23, 2008


Preemie formula!!!!

We were able to switch from Enfamil Enfacare (22 calories) to regular formula. We are actually switching the boys to Gentlease because of John's spit-up. We are so excited to change formula!

The boys are still not wanting their full bottle. They just seem to be picky but the pedi said as long as they get 6 ounces every bottle... well all I will say is we are trying!

It was good to get away this past weekend but it was not at all relaxing. Brian had a work party and just getting ready for it and entertaining is exhausting. We had a good time but I am tired. It was great getting back to the boys, we really did miss them and they looked so different and seem a bit more active. However they were not the sweet boys I left. John would not eat for me at 4pm and then he cried most the rest of the day. He was really tired. Brandon was good until I fed him at 8pm then he didn't want his full bottle. I had to wait about 5-7 minutes and try again and he finally finished it. John was falling asleep at his bottle for daddy! Maybe it is just the parents ;-)

Anyhow, it is good to be back.


Harris Boys said...

welcome home :) sorry it was kinda of stressful.
but what great news about getting off the premie formula...whew that must be sooo nice.

kdurec said...

Congrats on the formula switch! :) I hope that the boys do well on it. We just put Kendra back on her sensitive tummy formula, and she definitely seems to feel better in the middle of the night even if she isn't sleeping. I hope that sleep is going well for you all now! I hate to try CIO but that may be where we are headed too...

Bobbi said...

Hey Court, glad your back. Sorry your trip wasn't very relaxing.
Great news on the boys switching formula's. I'm sure they are just going through a phase of not eating much. Brityn does that frequently.