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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gifts for Daddy

Here are some pictures of what the boys got daddy for his 1st Fathers Day.

We even signed the card
Please teach us to play cards daddy.... Brian is a big poker fan!
close upHere are my feet daddy!! I promise my feet are not pink daddy!
Ok, those are not PINK feet.... they are RED!!! I put a picture of the paint I used to show you.

And here is another gift the boys made for daddy. We hope he enjoys it


Harris Boys said...

so sweet, your hubby will LOVE it all :)

KELLY said...

That's so cool, Courtney! What a great idea.

BTW, Dana told me to make sure that you read "Twilight" I started last night and cannot put the book are going to love it!

Allison said...

Cute gift ideas! You are so on top of it! :)

Bobbi said...

That was so sweet Courtney!