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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dinner first of all was somewhat better...

*** if you look closely they are trying to hold their bottle which is good and bad***

The lights were out from a storm, which never happens at our house but it was quiet so that was good!

I put the boys in their infant seats to see if they would not move around as much. It helped a little. I was still not able to make them take their whole bottle. Most of the time when they are in their infant seats or highchairs they always leave an ounce. Hopefully they will get use to it and take their whole bottle.... did I mention that at noon while mom and I fed them in our arms they took the full bottle.

I have the podee bottles but I do not know if they have a strong enough sucking reflex to use them. I will try them tomorrow just to see!

Random pic of Brandon sitting and John and his feet


Ashhog said...

you look like a pro to me! I can't believe how big they look! :)

Harris Boys said...

I agree with Ash, you look like a pro. We didn't do so well with the podee bottles, but I would def. give them a try. Hope tomorrow is another successful day :)

Anonymous said...

It seems like you are on the road to success! One suggestion you might want to try is let the boys take turns eating. Give one a spoonful or two or three, then give the other one a couple of spoonfuls. This teaches them how to take turns. Give them a toy or their paci or something to "do" while they wait their turn. Same thing with their bottles - who says you have to feed them both at the same time. It seems like you are stressing yourself out for no reason. If they take their bottle after they eat solids - they shouldn't be just starving. Give one a bottle for awhile, put him in the seat with a toy or paci while you give the other baby some of his bottle, etc. They might finish their bottles if you don't give them a bottle right away when they are so full from their solids. Such a thought. Figure out what feels right to you and meets the needs of your fellas. Will be anxious to hear how Thursday goes!

Double the blessing said...

You will get the hang of it in no time. I can;t believe Brandon is sitting up. We don't even do that.

Bobbi said...

Court, good job!! I bet soon you will wonder why you ever needed help in the first place.
I agree that the boys don't need to be fed a the same time....I know that creates more work for you and and extends feeding time out quite a bit but as far as bottle feedings go they won't need you to do it for them much longer so maybe enjoy the bonding time (holding them) while you can. As for solids, like anonymous said let them take turns...John gets a bite....Brandon gets a bite.
Can't wait to hear how the rest of your week goes :)

Brandon Wade LLC. said...

Where is the larger version of this pic?