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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My time has come!

I have been very spoiled. The boys have been home for almost 5 months now from the hospital. I have had constant help since then... yes I know I have had help for 5 months. I know the moms I know of multiples probably think I am ridiculous for having help this long but I have been very scared to do it on my own.
Well my time has come and I have to be a mother of twins. My mother-in-law who helps is having surgery tomorrow (please pray it goes smotthly) and my mother needs to have her own life outside of me and the boys. I truly do not know how mothers of multipes do it because I know I am scared to death of it. How do you handle two crying babies, two hungry babies, two babies that get bored and need to be entertained, and two babies needing to get out of the house? Did i say it scares me to death? Brandon and John are not the easiest to feed and are cat nappers so every day is different. How am I going to do this?
Anyhow my mom will come over tomorrow and just hang out while I do everything for the boys... feed them, play with them, deal with them while crying and everything that comes with it. I truly don't know if I can do it. Please pray that God gives me patience because I really lack that and please pray that I can get through the day without asking my mom to help me and that I can truly take care of my boys alone as God intended for me to do. He gave me twins so I know I can do it, well He knows I can do it. Tomrrow will be very interesting and I am NOT looking forward to it!

Oh my the way Brian did the coolest thing for me for our anniversary... He made my blog into a book. From the day we found out we were pregnant to a year later. Pretty cool!!!


Harris Boys said...

you'll do great!!! I'm a firm believer your only given what you can handle. I pray tomorrow goes smoothly. Once you get in a good routine you'll be fine!! I always tell people, if I can do it, anybody can...I'm serious :)

Have a great day tomorrow!!!

The Myers Family said...

Hey Courtney! First of all, you can totally do it! You will be OK! It's hard...but once you get the hang of'll wonder why you were so worried to begin with :) I booted my nanny at 6 months and did it all on my own with the fussy twins and my 2.5 year old. It was hard...and tiring...but i made it through! My girls were REALLY i always fed them together no matter what. I'd prop both up in the bouncys and sometimes i'd prop something underneath if i had to run to the bathroom or run to get the phone(yeah, i needed adult i'd drop the bottle to get the phone.) Also, God gave you two for a reason..because he knew you could handle them! :)

Lastly, can you email me where your hubby got the book made? We've been trying to find somewhere that does that...i can't seem to find anywhere?

Good luck and i'll be thinking of you! Don't will do just fine!


Ashhog said...

You are gonna do GREAT Courtney!! Praying for you! :)

By the way-do you have any type of instant messenger-might be a good way of communicating with each other besides the emails!

Good luck!!

Adam & Andrew said...

You can do it!! You'll be okay, just believe in yourself and know that God is with you and He will strengthen you.

Just keep at it, every day will be easier and you will feel great to know that you did it all on your own!!

Anonymous said...

You CAN be the mother to your twins by yourself!!!! God never gives beyond what we can handle. They are your two little boys; you are their mother. Trust your instincts, do the best you can to soothe and make everything hunky dorey. If you need a break, take one so you don't get too frustrated - put the babies in the beds or somewhere safe when you do. I expect that you'll be writing that it was fine, just fine! Oh, and a little crying won't hurt you or the boys! :-)

Jenny B said...

Wow that is a big step, but You will get the strength to take care of those boys. It may be really scary at first, but it become easier and easier. Great idea having your mom come just to phase out. I will be praying for patience, not just because you need it, but because it is a constant requirement for moms. :) I will also pray for endurance and understanding for what your boys need. And remember it will get easier as they get older. :)

Double the blessing said...

Hopefully the boys will be ok and you will be able to handle them. Where did your husband go to get the book done? I have been looking for a place to do this for a long time.