The Synnott Twins

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


John Doing the "twin" thing

John is sleeping through the night again!!

They boys at night are in stage 2-3 diapers so they dont soak through and it is working!!!

Brandon if wanting can sit up unassisted for about a minute!!

They are both taking 7 ounces plus food three times a day.... we never thought they would take almost a full bottle!!


Harris Boys said...

awww way to go big boys!!

keep up the good work john with sttn. I know mommy appreciates that!

Allison said...

Too cute! You look like you are adjusting to being a mom of twins very well!

Anonymous said...

*Lurker Here* My daughter is now waking up earlier than normal... Didn't one of your boys start doing that? What did you do to get him back to staying in bed longer? Help! :-)

I love reading your blog! Keep up the great work Mommy!

Courtney said...

he still is waking up early... i just let him hang out in his crib. or i rock him back to sleep because i know he is still tired. nothing has really helped me though. if you find a solution please let me know